Recycle with Us

Do you have a bunch of old keys or locks that are taking up space that you want gone, but don't feel right throwing them away? Let us know what you have. Depending on just what you have, how well its cataloged, and so forth, we may make you an offer to purchase. 

You will not get rich doing this and neither will we. Sometimes we will advise you to simply recycle the items as scrap metal. Much of the time we will offer to pay shipping costs to us and we will pick what we can use and recycle the rest. In some instances, we will offer to buy the items in addition to cost of the shipping, or trade you for items we stock that you can use.

We are usually most interested in the following items:
  • BMW Motorcycle pannier (saddlebag) keys. These are often marked as Sudhaus S150 or Sudhaus S324. We are also interested in keys for BMW touring cases with three digit codes such as 061.
  • OEM (factory) NOS (New Old Stock) Key Blanks for collectible cars and motorcycles, particularly European marques like Volkswagen, Porsche, British Leyland, Ferrari, and so forth.
  • Locks and ignition assemblies, working or not, with or without keys, for collectible vehicles. Depending on what they are and the market demand, we may rebuild and resell them, or use them in preparing technical articles to publish on the site.
  • Technical information from vehicle manufacturers regarding locks and keys. Technical Service Bulletins, etc. 
  • Locksmith equipment and resources, like Code Books, Code Cards (from HPC, Ilco, or Continental Micro), jigs, tools, etc.
  • Combination locks for safes, whether or not you know the combination.